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Assisted Sale Service


SELLING PROPERTY SOON? Before you appoint an agent, obtain independent advice.


  • What is the local market for properties of this type doing? What is the economic outlook?
  • Which agency, which salesperson. which auctioneer?
  • How much advertising is enough?
  • Dangers & costs of not complying with new regulations
  • What to do for presentation?
  • Where to advertise? Internet and print advertising – Where and how much will it cost?
  • Auction or Private Sale or Expression of Interest? Multiple listing?
  • Is the timing right in the relevant property cycle?
  • Are the ads effective – are they working?
  • What should be my reserve or asking price?
  • Offers – how to treat them – to sell or not?
  • Judging interest in the property and monitoring the agents performance.
  • How do I keep my details confidential?

Contact us for independent advice
This service is free to you. It will help you to achieve a higher price for your property.  We identify a suitable agent and negotiate a commission payable by you, of which 30% goes to us. Typical agency commissions are between 1% and 2.5% of the contract price, depending on the property type, location and agent.

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The Property Advisory is responsible for the strategy formulation appropriate for the property, circumstances and current market conditions. Other duties include agent interview and selection, plus review of marketing/promotion proposals and ongoing audit of agent’s performance. We also instruct the solicitors for the preparation of the contract.
Ongoing advice is delivered at regular intervals as required, in particular when offers are received.
Private Sale, Expression of Interest or Auction all require different tactics, promotion and negotiations. Throughout the campaign, you can relax knowing every effort and thought is being made to achieve the best outcome.
We assume a proportion of the workload of a successful promotion. We can ensure that the agent is working for you and not themselves. We have seen cases where properties were available for sale for hundreds of thousands of dollars less than comparable properties.
At no extra cost, but with all the benefits, the “Managed Sale” makes good sense.

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Our role in a Managed Sale is to support and direct the performance of the appointed agent as per your tailored strategy.
Our fee is calculated on a flat rate basis, with the agent receiving the major incentive to achieve the highest possible selling price. It will be equivalent to 30% of the standard selling cost + GST which should not exceed 2% except in rare cases.
We will report to you independently of the chosen agent and will only be payable on a successful outcome.
It is important to note that our involvement and fee does not increase the overall costs. We generally find that the best agents in an area charge around 2% of the contract price. By assisting a good agent and reducing their workload it allows us to focus on our respective areas of expertise. We can also monitor an agents progress from a professional view ensuring their integrity is maintained. 

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