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Industrial Property Valuations


There are many differing forms of industrial property ranging from specialised hi-tech service industry based units to older style factories. We can provide formal valuations of all properties within this diverse sub-sector.



Industrial Rental Valuations


We provide rental valuations for all types of industrial properties. Rental Valuations should be self explanatory. We thoroughly research all available sales evidence to ensure an accurate valuation is reached.



Industrial Property Consultancy


We can assist in the sourcing of suitable properties or sites that suit your requirements. We can also provide assistance prior to selling and leasing. Research may include individual property market or sub market reports together with relevant analysis of economic statistics as they affect the properties that we are analysing. The accurate valuation of property allows you to make the right investment decision - whether to hold, sell or reposition. Timing is critical to realising capital appreciation.

Independent property valuation advice can ensure that you purchase at the right price. It is often at the time of purchase that profits are made. Due to the time taken to relocate it is essential that anyone considering a purchase understand not only what is happening now, but what is likely to happen in the near future.

Our advantage lies in our expertise and understanding of the market evidence from which the market rental and capitalisation rates are derived.


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